Thursday, 1 January 2009

Making Things Happen versus Letting Things Happen

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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Making Things Happen versus Letting Things Happen

On the bus I noticed an advert for a college. Its slogan was something in the line of making your future happen.

Actually, I've tried making things happen in my life and it's caused me nothing but grief, some of which I'm still trying to resolve, or make it resolved. Hahaha.

I believe there are two paradigms, or ways of seeing to experience life: "making things happen" or "letting things happen."

The paradigm of "making things happen" is based on the belief that we create things from scratch. This paradigm involves a lot of thinking about the many outcomes and possibilities, which is enough to drive anyone bonkers.

The "Letting Things Happen" paradigm is based on knowing that whatever desires I have already exists otherwise I would never have had the idea in the first place. Since it already exists, all I have to do is let it happen in the most effortless way. The idea could be expressed through me or independent of me. There's no need for me to fret because what is truly mine will come to me.

For example, in What a Lovely Surprise!, I wrote about how a friend I see in the library gave me some information about the Tribes of Israel and how they match our star signs. It wasn't something I was particularly interested in but I knew someone who was - my mother. As a matter of fact two days before she'd "entertained" me with her knowledge of the twelve tribes of Israel. She shared a mnemonic she had devised which enables her to remember them in order. As soon as my friend gave me the gift, I knew it was a gift for my mother. She was very happy when I passed it on to her.

We both marvelled at how I had received it so soon after she'd been thinking about it, and the way it had come to her. I couldn't even begin to think how I could have possibly made that happen. All I knew was my mother had the love for this idea and the Universe had conspired to give her what she loved through my friend, through me to her.

I guess my point is that I'm through with trying to work things out or making things happen. I would rather trust in what I know to be true:

If I can think it, I know it already exists.
If I can think it, I know the thing is seeking to express either through me or another medium.
If I can think it, I know that all I need to do is let it happen.


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