Thursday, 1 January 2009

The Path of Receiving

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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Path of Receiving

I don't know about you, but everything I've done as had to be earned. Haven't we all? I went through a very competitive education system. In order to be accepted into a "good" secondary school I had to sit an exam and attain the right marks for that school. At secondary school it was tests, tests, more tests, and then end of year exams. If you didn't pass your exams you had to repeat the class; even worse, find yourself either moved from the A-stream to a lower stream or demoted.

At college if you want a good degree you have to work for it. I found writing essays tedious; it was the same old recycling old ideas. There was no room for innovative thinking. So I did the bare minimum and was an average B+ student. It was only when I wrote my dissertation about talk shows that I aced it, as I could develop my own ideas. I ended up with a 2:1 (Upper Second-class Honours) degree. Still, I got the degree I deserved. Although I got a place to do further post-graduate studies, I never pursued it. I'd had enough of academia.

All aspects of life as we know it is the same. Life gives you what you put into it. If you want to excel then you have to put whatever work is necessary to achieve that goal. Or so it would seem.

Back in the Real world where all is Love, one's efforts mean Jack Shit. There is no such thing as being deserving of Love. Love doesn't care how much work you've done or whether you believe you are deserving or not, you are loved anyway.

It doesn't matter how long you've been "spiritual" or being studying with some master or teacher, you're loved the same way as someone who is not "spiritual." Put another way, everyone has equal access to all the Love there is. All you have to do is receive the Love-Light, which becomes the idea or thing. The only catch is you have to believe this Love exists.

You want to experience joy, receive joy.
You want to experience unlimited energy, receive energy.
You want to experience health, receive health.

For me it's about learning about this causeless energy. I don't mean the energy is going to teach me anything but about being curious as to what the energy is capable of being. While I was relaxing in a bookshop yesterday afternoon, I could feel myself about to fall asleep. The problem with this bookshop is while you can sit with your feet up and browse to your heart's content; you can drink, eat and be merry; you can treat the place like a social club; you're not allowed to fall asleep. I was fighting the drowsiness but the more I resisted the heavier my eyes became. I thought to myself why not receive Energy that will keep me awake? I did and the next thing I knew I was alert. I had no further thought about sleep.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep. I stayed in silence for a while then I pondered on some ideas. After a while I fancied going to sleep but couldn't sleep. So I received the Energy to put me to sleep and wake me up at a certain time. That's exactly what happened.

How do I receive? Here's one game I like to play. In my mind's eye I see a radiant sun. This sun is the substance of the universe, the Soul of all life, the One, Self, the real source of energy. I then imagine rays of light filling me up and pouring through my body and everywhere. So whenever I have a need I only need to look at the "sun" and then receive the sun's rays which is the thing itself.

Life is a game of two paths: the hard path of clawing your way to enlightenment; or the easy path of receiving what is. I know which path I choose to be on.

I am on the path of receiving.


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