Thursday, 1 January 2009

When All is Said and Done, It's All Been Said and Done

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Saturday, 22 November 2008

When All is Said and Done, It's All Been Said and Done

I believe I've already experienced all realities and all possibilities. How do I know? Because as my True Self, Light, I am in all realities. I've also had visions where I've seen myself experiencing all realities in an instant. Life, as I am experiencing it, is an opportunity to unfold what I as Light have already experienced in Mind.

Now I have a choice whether to experience life as if every moment is new and unknown or I can live with the awareness that I've already experienced all realities. Even though I may not consciously "remember" that I have already experience all realities, I can never fool my intuition who always knows.

For instance, during my bus journeys, if the bus is packed full, I always stand near a passenger that is about to get off. How do I know? Because I've already had the experience.

Last night on my way home I had this feeling to travel a long-winded route home, which means catching the bendy bus. The bendy bus has lots of standing room and not many seats. There were no seats available when I got on. Right where I was standing a seat became available but another woman grabbed it. I didn't feel like standing all the way during the journey. I knew that if I remained standing where I was I would have a long wait.

I suddenly had an urge to move further down and stand in a particular aisle. At first I resisted as there was a group of girls chatting loudly and I wanted to sit somewhere quiet. But I got the urge to move so I did and I stood where I felt the most comfortable. Within a few minutes, a passenger got out and I grabbed her seat. I ended up eavesdropping the girls' conversation, which turned out to be rather amusing.

The day before, I had written in a forum about an advert I love on television that has a gorilla that plays the drums. The girls discussed the same advert and how funny they found it. Check out the video on YouTube.

The girls also exchanged experiences about their parents' quirks. One girl said one night the police knocked on their front door around 2 am. When she opened it, the officer asked if everything was alright as a concerned neighbour had reported some disturbance coming from their house. The girl assured the officer everything was fine but the officer wasn't convinced. It turned out the "disturbance" had been her mother who had been praying for the last hour. I couldn't help but chuckle after hearing that story as it reminded me of my late uncle who used to pray with similar enthusiasm.

My bus journey yesterday evening had already occurred in mind. That's why I knew I had to travel using that route and sit next to those girls.

Today has already happened, as is tomorrow, and the next, and the next...forever and ever.

When all is said and done, everything has already been said and done.


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