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All Good is Ever Present

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All Good is Ever Present

posted July 24th, 2004 in collection Vector8 writings

“Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.” (Hebrews 13:8)
We already have access to all good but one reason why it is not manifested is because of our concept of time, that time passes. Did you know that when you realise that time doesn’t pass, the experiences that the historical Jesus went through is available right now? What do I mean by this? It has to do with the consciousness of Unity, Us as one with Spirit. The moment you realise this as truth that you are one with Spirit, you’re automatically in the Now where all power and knowledge exist.

The Us is eternal and unchanging. It is the same Us that was being expressed through Jesus as the Father principle. It is the same Us that expresses through anyone who knows his or her Oneness with Spirit. Thus though this personality, Enocia, wasn’t present when Jesus walked the earth, I was there in Consciousness as the Us. We spoke through Jesus as the teachings and We expressed through Jesus as the miracles.

Do you see that each and everyone has access to a shortcut? Instead of trying to go it alone, evolving through time and space and trying to be a better person, you can realise your Oneness with Spirit and become one of Us and let Us do the work through you. In order for the resources within Us to be utilised you have to recognise that We are eternal and never change. In the timeless realm is where you will find Us.

You see in the realm of time and space ideas unfold, evolve. If you’ve gone through academia you will probably be aware that ideas unfold in a dialectical way. You start off with what already exists, thesis; then you bring in an opposing idea, antithesis; and through that a new thesis is formed, synthesis. Someone else will start off a new theory by starting with the last synthesis and so on…. This is how academia, science, inventions evolve for those who are experiencing time/space reality.

Not so with the eternal Us. Truth is infinite and eternal. All is known. All anyone need do is to tap into what already exists and live it. In the realm of Spirit all experiences are available. Just because you didn’t live as a particular individual doesn’t mean the experience is not available to you now.

I was reading the self-realised saint, Amma’s autobiography recently. She spoke of a time when she was so at one with Krishna, she not only manifested his personality, she appeared blue, as the popular image of Krishna depicts. She said that as Krishna she felt neither compassion nor was she lacking in compassion. She said it was when she merged in with the Divine Mother principle of Love that she felt immense Love for humanity. She made the decision to manifest that principle of Love for her work on earth, which wasn’t a popular decision for Krishna devotees.

As you can see, the historical Krishna lived thousands of years ago yet the personality Amma was able to manifest Krishna qualities now. As Krishna she even performed miracles for her followers. Thus everything that’s happened in what seems like the human past is alive today as it has always been. You wish to live as Jesus did, merge in with his personality and you can. This is what happens to people who manifest stigmata on their hands and feet, signifying Jesus’ wounds when he was crucified.

One thing Amma’s union with the personality aspect demonstrates is the human mind’s penchant for seeing things in parts. Since Amma manifested personalities, she could only experience their character traits; thus Krishna seemed to be filled with wisdom. In truth Universal Energy or Spirit is indivisible, It contains all good.

When I studied Jesus teachings I noticed that he referred to God’s many attributes. He referred to God as the Father: Jesus talked about God being a Spirit, Love, Light, Life. He says “the truth will make you free.” If God is Truth then God has to be Freedom. He says we should be perfect as God is perfect.

Thus God=Love=Spirit=Power=Light=Life=Truth=Freedom=Perfection and much more.

All these many attributes are available right now. You can either tap into them as formless or you can tap into the experiences that Jesus and others have had demonstrating God. Why try to realise God on your own which could take eternity when you can tune into the Us and experience it all now?

Even in the human realm of time and space, there are those who purport to have experienced past lives of the same person. So many people claim to have had past life experiences of Mary the mother of Jesus, Elizabeth 1 and many other historical figures. This is because the memory of each person is held in the collective consciousness of the human mind and you can tap into it and relive that experience as if it was your own.

The Us that is at one with Spirit is analogous to the Borg in the sci-fi series Star Trek. (Humour me please, I’m a big fan). When you first encounter the Borg this is what they always say: “We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.” The Borg is a collective that is a hybrid of man and machine, who go around assimilating different species so they can have the best part of each race. Their goal is to attain perfection. Humanoids don’t appreciate the Borg ways of course and wish to retain their individuality and so they are forever at war with the Borg. What I like about the Borg is that it doesn’t matter what sector of the galaxy a Borg ship is, the Borg members are always connected to the Mother-ship and so everyone knows what everyone else is doing. Nothing is hidden. The union with Spirit is a bit like this when all is known. It means that every experience is actually carried out by the One Spirit and not the individual. Any personality that is at one with Spirit has access to infinity itself.

All Good is available right now. You can go do it the hard way by accumulating wisdom, evolving for eternity. Or you can tap into what is available in the timeless realm now with Us.

You choose.

We are One
Enocia Joseph