Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A Bigger Outfit

I have observed that when parents are expecting their newborn, they prepare for their babies by buying clothes and creating a suitable environment for the baby. As the baby gets bigger, clothes that were once loose get snug and tight and the parents have to buy bigger clothes that fit. A cot that used to be huge is now too small for a growing child to sleep in. And so the process continues until the child is old enough to look after itself.

I feel like I've been experiencing life rather like a baby growing up.

My quest to know and be myself gave birth to my baby which has been growing moment by moment, hour by hour and day by day. As I grow in understanding about who I am, I have been drawn to people and circumstances that were in harmony with who I am or what I believe I am. As my understanding expands, I've found places where I once felt comfortable are no longer adequate and to stay in that environment would be doing myself a disservice.

I've come to the end of one cycle and it's time for a bigger outfit, one that allows me to expand to infinity.

I look forward to the next cycle, which I know is filled with even grander visions and versions of self; where every moment is filled with ever new joy and wonder.

In the spirit of "It's all done and dusted" that next cycle has already happened, naturally.


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