Sunday, 4 January 2009

Charmed, I'm Sure!

One of my favourite TV series is called Charmed, which is about three witches who are also sisters who use their powers to help humanity. The sisters are Prue, Piper and Phoebe. After Prue dies, the sisters discover a half-sister called Paige. Each sister is focused on developing different aspects of their spiritual powers: Prue specialises in telekinesis and can astral project; Piper can stop time; Phoebe can see the past and future; Paige can teleport. As they are constantly fighting demons, their powers become stronger and stronger. Together they cast powerful spells to help their charges.

For obvious reasons the sisters are very careful about revealing who they are and only tend to associate with either other witches, white-lighters, guides, avatars and demons. From time to time, they assist a police officer who knows what they're about but he's sworn never to reveal their secret.

What I really like about this series is that it shows that we live among angels and guides. In the programme I watched this morning, Prue sees this woman who is about to jump off a building and astral projects to rescue her. By this I mean, she projects an identical body of light to rescue the woman. When the woman jumps, Prue uses her powers to break her fall so she's not injured.

Like the Charmed Ones in the TV series, instead of looking to an external God, guru, teacher, master, saviour or religion to save me, I've been focusing on the Power within me which is revealing who I am. This has involved many years of focus, discipline and sacrifice.

Like the Charmed Ones I lead a dual life: as a normal human and as an angel and guide. I have had many experiences where I've had to act an angel or guide to someone in need.

I believe we are all angels, it's just that most people don't realise who they are or are not motivated to explore who they are. I'm reminded of a conversation I had with a friend recently who thought I was unique and gifted, I told him we were all unique and gifted. My friend said: "Yes, we are all farmers but some people are not very good at it."



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