Monday, 19 January 2009


As I was sitting at the bus stop I noticed this woman walking by. She stopped a man and thanked the man for all the work he's being doing and then laid one hand on his head. The man smiled and walked away. Then the woman noticed me.

Uh oh, the prophetess is about to make another prophecy.

"Hello Charmaine," she said. "I know you're doing God's work and following God's will. You are not alone and being helped by the brotherhood."

She laid her hand on my head and said, "God bless and God be with you!"

I smiled and thanked the woman and she walked away. I wondered if she was going to bless everyone she met.

It's curious that the woman had called me Charmaine though. Why that name? Then I remembered I had just had my weekly fix of the American TV series, Charmed, which is about three sisters with magical powers. The sisters are referred to as the "charmed ones." In the episode I'd just seen, when a doctor is accidentally injected with samples of the sisters' blood, he develops their magical powers with disastrous consequences.

The name Charmaine must have something do with being charmed, I'm sure.

In any case, I found the "prophetess" charming.


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