Thursday, 8 January 2009

Drink to Your Heart's Content

Many moons ago when I used to see doctors, there were times when my doctor would have me provide urine or blood samples to help determine what the problem was. In this model, my bodily samples contain information about my lifestyle choices. By examining these samples, doctors can tell what I am eating or not eating; what genes I've supposed to have inherited; the cause of one's disease; etc.

Many years ago I saw an aura reader who could predict the future by reading one's energy field. The way she worked was that she had a drawing of a human body. While she's reading your aura, she draws colours around the body which represent your dreams and desires. After she's finished drawing, she gives you an interpretation of the colours. Although a lot of what she said didn't ring true for me at the time, I tried to keep an open mind. I came to realise she had been reading my Soul blueprint as opposed to my personality hopes and dreams which were not in alignment. When I got back on track, what the reader had predicted made a lot of sense. In this model of reality, the aura reader was seeing what thoughts and aspirations I had in my energy field that will manifest in form.

As part of my journey of self-awareness and self-discovery, I've trained in energy healing. I'm a practitioner of Reiki and Pranic Healing. When I was studying Pranic Healing, we were taught how to scan someone's energy field and Chakras to ascertain whether they were depleted or congested; and how to remedy the situation. We were also taught how to scan for thought forms and elementals that lead to disease. In this model of reality, an energy healer can see what thoughts and emotions are held in one's energy field that will eventually manifest in form.

I am also a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming/NLP which offers many tools to help one understand how our thoughts, feelings and beliefs affect our behaviour and experiences; and how to change beliefs or thoughts that no longer serve us. In this model of reality, one can see how our thoughts and emotions contain what we truly believe which will eventually manifest in form.

I have studied New Thought models such as Christian Science, Infinite Way, and Unity which give insights into how to release programmes and let our spiritual selves express as us. These models reveal what thoughts are held on one's consciousness that will eventually manifest in form.

If a doctor, psychic reader, healer, therapist or spiritual healer can tell what I have in my consciousness, surely I can apply the same technique to the infinite possibilities which, I believe, already exist as an ocean of limitless energy. Therefore, if I want to experience a particular reality, all I have to do is drink that reality. Once I have drank to my heart's content, it now becomes part of my system. What is part of my system can be measured in rather the same way doctors, psychics, energy healers and therapists can measure one's bodily fluids, aura, thoughts and feelings. When something is in my system, it has to be manifested sooner or later in the outer.

I have observed that underlying a lot of my desires is the desire to be in joy. Since I believe there is an ocean of infinite joy already, all I have to do is drink from it and limitless joy is now part of my system leading to experiences of joy. I can even drink enough joy to overflow to loved ones, which can help them in their life experiences.

This model of drinking to your heart's contents contains infinite possibilities. I already have a game I play with myself when I appear to have a memory block. I visualise someone giving me the answer which I eat. Now that the name is part of my system, it's bound to come out sooner or later. This works without fail.

Now I can drink to my heart's content solutions to problems that have already been resolved. I can drink my perfect body which is not influenced by what I eat. I can drink perfect relationships. I can drink the desires of my heart. I can drink endless beauty, goodness, happiness, harmony, joy, love, peace and wisdom. I can even overflow joy to my loved ones.

I believe all good already exists as a boundless ocean. All I have to do is drink to my heart's content and let it happen.


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