Saturday, 3 January 2009

Falling in Love...Again

I believe that life is Infinite Love in infinite manifestations.

Because Love exists in all time and all space, then every moment has already been experienced by Love. I have a choice whether to walk in Love's footsteps that is already perfect or step out of Love and experience the many illusions that come with it. The good news is there are constant reminders to get back on the path of Love. Here's one I had yesterday evening.

Before I went home, I spent a few hours at the Internet cafe. After I had finished using the Internet I went to pay for the time I had used. When the young man at the till told me how much it was, I argued that I wasn't there that long and told him how much I reckon it should be. It turned out I had miscalculated based on the old charges which have now gone up, like everything else. I told him that since I had 20 more minutes I might as well log back in and make good use of my time.

While I had been arguing over the charges, my friend had been gazing deeply into my eyes. He asked me where I was originally from. He told me he was from Sri Lanka. I couldn't help but return his gaze. I could see we were both experiencing the magic of falling in love i.e. my friend was seeing right through me to the one True Self or My Beloved and I was seeing the Beloved in him. It's very rare to meet someone who can cut through the personality and be able to see right through me in an instant. Some people need time to get to know someone before they take the plunge into the Love abyss.

While we chatted he asked me what I did and I told him write about the magic and wonder of love. I told my friend I'd never seen him in that shop before. He said they only took the business over last December (2008). My friend kept gazing into my eyes and saying "This is very interesting." He said he wanted to get to know me better and asked for my contact details but I declined. After chatting to him I told him that maybe I'll see him again another time and left.

The funny thing is earlier on in an email to a friend, I told him how I hope to meet the man of my dreams shortly. I believe the man at the Internet cafe was auditioning for the role but he didn't quite fit. He just seemed way too young for my liking. Never mind! I know that my dream man is unfolding perfectly.

While I never logged back into the Internet, it was good to reconnect to the universal web of love.


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