Friday, 2 January 2009

Ideas in Mind

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Monday, 12 February 2007

Ideas in Mind

Is Harry Potter simply a character in JK Rawling's imagination or is he real? Well, the thought is the thing itself. In other words, you wouldn't think something if that thing did not exist in the first place. Thus, the idea of Harry Potter already existed in Mind as a potential idea, it just needed someone willing to receive the idea. This means Harry Potter is very much alive in Mind.

There are now so many books being written about Jesus' identity. Did Jesus actually walk the earth? Is he alive? Is the story in the Bible a myth? Bear in mind that the moment you think something that idea exists in Mind otherwise you wouldn't have had the thought, what difference does it make whether Jesus lived historically or not? As long as the idea of him exists for you, he exists. This means there are many ideas of Jesus, all real, in Mind.

For me Mary Poppins is not just a fictional character, she is very much real. She is alive in Mind. I have drawn so much inspiration from Mary Poppins.

StarTrek is not just a science fiction series with odd aliens, to me all the characters are alive and as real as this computer is real. I find the series very inspiring indeed.

Incidentally, in StarTrek the crew are exploring the galaxy through space on a space ship. While they encounter different life forms during their travels, a lot of their experiences are from ones they've written as programmes. Let's say a crew wishes to experience a particular epoch on earth. He writes a programme which he runs on the holodeck.. The writer of the programme can interact with characters of that period. If he wishes, he could even invite his colleagues to share the experience with him. As far as the characters are concerned their lives are real and the characters presume the crew members are also part of their reality. The crew interacting with the characters have to blend in i.e., dress and act like the characters otherwise the characters are likely to get suspicious.

Sometimes the crew get emotionally involved with the characters in the holodeck simulation. For instance, in the Voyager episode, Fair Haven, Captain Janeway and some of her crew enter a holodeck simulation based in the Irish village of Fair Haven in the early 20th century. Janeway takes a fancy to one of the characters and decides to adjust the character's subroutine/profile to match the kind of man she would find attractive. She ends up falling in love with the character and they have an affair.

Because the holodeck characters and the crew live in different realities, the crew are always safe. Thus, if a crew member is involved in a holodeck battle simulation he can't get injured. He could always stop the simulation if things get dangerous. The only time a crew member can get injured is when he chooses to have the experience or when there is a problem with the holodeck.

When you realise all ideas and characters are real, you could treat them like holodeck characters that you can interact with. You could speak with your favourite characters or teachers from the various Scriptures. You could have fun with your favourite "fictional" characters. You could even interact with great ideas and teachings and use them as your guides. This means all my articles are alive; they are my guiding and guardian angels.

What if you realise that your identity is Mind, the All There Is? This means not only do you have infinite ideas to play with, you are these ideas. All you have to do is simply be the character and you'll know all that the character knows.

Life is infinite ideas in Mind.
I am Mind.


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