Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Love Changes Everything

As I was channel hopping on television, I noticed a trailer for the American hospital drama: Grey's Anatomy and a voice saying: "When you're with the woman you love, everything about them is beautiful."

That's the wonderful thing about love, it transcends all barriers and limitations created by people's likes and dislikes.

When my heart is open to love and I'm seeing with Love's vision, I love everything about my beloved, even things I don't particular like. Let's say, for instance, my beloved is into a particular sport I'm not into it, love makes me accept my beloved for who he is and love him anyway. Sometimes, Love even opens me up to want to explore my beloved's interests and find inspiration from them which I can even write about. When I'm in love the world is a beautiful place.

I believe the first sign that a couple is no longer seeing each other with Love's vision is when they stop appreciating each other for who they are. A partner's habit that you once found appealing is now very annoying.

I remember a man I was having a relationship with telling me the reason why we were no longer compatible was because we were too different. Oh yeah? How come when you were madly in love with me you didn't mind our differences? I knew his heart was closed and he was no longer seeing me through the vision of Love.

What makes people fall out of love?

I believe it has to do with how I see myself.

I believe it is Infinite Love that draws people together and make everything about the object of my affection beautiful. When I see myself as inexhaustible love in every moment, my heart is always open to love. It doesn't matter whether my beloved and I have things in common or not there's more than enough love to appreciate and accept who he is and love him anyway. The rays of my love are radiated far and wide and felt by others who are inspired by love and open to love.

However, when I see myself as a human personality with likes, dislikes and boundaries, then the love I express is also limited and eventually runs dry. That's why I believe people fall out of love.

I love you just the way you are now and forever.


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