Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Melting Blocks

I like filling empty bottles with tap water and keeping them in the fridge. When I feel the need for some water, I don't bother with the niceties of pouring the water in a glass, I just drink straight from the bottle.

When I went to get one bottle last night, I noticed most of the water was frozen stiff. I tried to make a hole on top so I could drink the running water but nothing came out. I left the bottle in the kitchen and drank from another one.

Later I decided to melt the ice in the bottle with hot water from the tap. I had two choices: I could either put it in hot water which will eventually melt the water; or I could pour hot water inside the bottle. I opted for the latter. At first when I poured the steaming hot water, not all of the ice melted. It took me three attempts of pouring hot water in the bottle before all the ice melted.

I believe the bottle of water represents my individual consciousness which contains all realities, all possibilities in a fluidic formless state. The ice blocks represent thought forms arising from my consciousness or beliefs. The boiling hot water represents the power in me to dissolve thought forms into their formless state. When I have "created" experiences I don't wish to experience, I always have the option to either be in the presence of boiling water and let the heat melt the situation; or I could tune into the Melter within me and melt the icy state into the formless state. Then I can focus on what reality I wish to experience and let it come forth.

During my bus journey this morning, I pondered on these ideas. At one stop, the doors got stuck. After the driver had made two attempts to shut them and no joy, I called on the Melter in me to melt the "stuck" thought form. When the driver tried the doors again they were fine and continued working throughout the rest of my journey.

I am the Melter of all unwanted ice blocks.


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