Wednesday, 21 January 2009

My Dog Self

As I was walking through the park, I came across my friend, Sid, a Pyrenean Mountain Dog, taking his daily constitutional. When I said hello to him, he acknowledged me and then turned his back on me.

"OK, be like that then," I said.

"Don't mind Sid, he's just preoccupied and has to sniff every bush he comes across," his human friend said.

"Some things never change then," I said.

"Yesterday, he tried to be a wise guy."

"Oh really, what did he do?"

"I took him to the Marshes and when we got there he decided he didn’t want to go walking there, he wanted to come here instead. I said to him, you know the rules, it’s either the Marshes or the park, not both."

"What happened?"

"He wanted to come to the park so I took him home. He spent the whole day feeling sorry for himself."

"Poor Sid! You should know better than to be in a double-mind," I said.

"It’s all about one-pointed focus or you end up having nothing," he said.

"Too right!"

As Sid was sniffing some bushes I said to him, "What else are you sniffing at today that you didn't sniff yesterday?"

"I’m sure he wants to smell what other dogs have peed today, not forgetting how many squirrels have been about."

"Nuff said. There’s bound to be new smells to discover that you haven’t explored before right, Sid?"

I wished Sid and his friend a good day.

As I walked away I thought about how similar Sid and I are. Like Sid, I've learned the importance of having a one-pointed focus or I end up achieving nothing.

Like Sid, I find every day to be a new adventure. That's why, for instance, even though I may use the same bus routes each day, every bus journey is different and offers a new perspective of being.

Thank you, Sid, for reflecting who I am back at me, though you could have been a lot friendlier.


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