Thursday, 29 January 2009

My Inner Child

A friend was telling me how much fun he has when he's on tour with his band. He said every day is full of wonder. I told him that one thing I love about him is his inner boy is very much alive and kicking. It is that boy that experiences wonderment and has such fun. My friend said his friends in the band feel the same way as him. He reckons they are like little boys who drink beer.

I have within me an inner child that is both male and female.

My inner child loves herself.
My inner child follows her heart in all things.
My inner child believes in herself and in her dreams.
My inner child believes all dreams come true.
My inner child loves to play and sees every moment as fun.
My inner child sees life as a wonderful adventure.
My inner child believes in magic and wonder.

I have to say that people I'm attracted to as friends are usually those whose inner child is very much awake. I can't relate to people who are overly serious and don't know how to lighten up.

Life without my inner child would be like walking death.

Thank you, friend, for being so full of joy and wonder.


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