Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Nature of the ONE

I believe there is only ONE in all. Some people call It God, the I AM, Spirit, Light, the Force, Self, Infinite Intelligence, the All There Is or Love.

Just as a musician makes millions of copies of his Master album in order that millions of people can enjoy his album, I believe the ONE has split HIMSELF into infinite parts in order that the all can enjoy being the ONE.

Just as anyone who has a copy of an album has identical songs on the Master CD, I believe each of us has within us all that is in the ONE. Therefore, I have within me infinite power, wisdom and love of the ONE. In me are all realities, all experiences, and the entire universe working in perfect harmony.

Just as anyone who has a copy of a musician's CD can enjoy it in their own unique way, I believe each of us can experience being the ONE in our own unique ways.

I believe the nature of the ONE is oneness with the All at all time. By oneness, I mean working together in perfect harmony to achieve a common goal/intention. For instance, the organs in my body may look different but they all share one goal - harmony. If I'm not feeling well, I simply need to remind my whole system - the all in me - of their common goal that is oneness.

Oneness applies in all aspects of my life. The moment I have an intention to have an experience, that goal is known by the all, who set about working together in perfect synchrony to achieve that common goal. Here's one example.

As I was approaching my next stop where I intended to catch my next bus, I got up to leave but a force compelled me to stay on till the stop after. Although it didn't seem logical, I followed the impulse. It turned out that my next bus was waiting at that stop and was being delayed because the driver was changing shifts with another, which gave me ample time to catch the bus. This experience demonstrates oneness in action i.e. my goal to get home was shared by the all, including the bus I had been on, other motorists, the but in front, the bus drivers; and it was that oneness that compelled me to stay on the bus.

Only ONE exists.
The nature of the Universe is oneness.


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