Saturday, 17 January 2009

Peace on Earth

I was chatting to a friend earlier about the conflict in the Middle East. As a Christian he interpreted the war in Gaza as a sign of the End Times when the Almighty will inflict judgment on humanity and those who follow the path of the wicked will be wiped out and peace will reign.

I don't share my friend's perspective on the matter nor do I believe in an Almighty inflicting judgment. As I see it, what is going on in the world is a mirror of people's beliefs. Since most people believe that peace is something you've got to either fight for or work towards to achieve, it's only natural that there are countries at war.

I believe peace is not something that can be created or that you have to work for, peace already exists in superabundance now. All I need to do is be aware that peace on earth already exists now and call it forth.

I believe every individual can play their part by calling on peace to reign in their hearts. When you're feeling at peace you radiate peace around you to your family and loves ones, to your neighbours, to people around you and the world at large.

Peace is all there is.

Peace to all.


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