Friday, 2 January 2009

The Power of Gratitude

In my sleeping dream last night I was telling someone that there are 86,400 moments (seconds) in a day. I said that in every moment/second there is infinite love, infinite joy, infinite power, infinite wisdom and infinite blessings. I said it's important to remember this at all times. I woke up from the dream and repeated to myself: "I am infinitely blessed in every moment" then I went back to sleep.

Sometimes appearances can distract one from remembering that I am infinitely blessed in every moment. One way I find to focus is by being grateful.

As I was waiting for my bus home last night it felt so cold that my bones started to rattle, which I thought it was hilarious. I knew despite the conditions that I was already blessed with limitless warmth and comfort. So I in thought I thanked the Universe for making me feel so comfortable and warm. I also thanked all the bus drivers and everyone who works for London Transport.

While I was feeling gratitude I was no longer chilled to the bone. In fact, the weather felt warmer. When my bus arrived, it didn't feel like I'd been waiting at all; it felt like it had arrived in no time.

If I had focused on the cold weather, I would have felt colder and my poor bones couldn't cope with that. I needed to feel comfortable. Later as I walked home it definitely felt a lot warmer than it had felt earlier, at least in my reality it did.

It doesn't matter how things seem and what people believe. All I have to do is remember that I am blessed in every moment and I get to experience whatever my attention is focused on..

Thank you, Universe, for your infinite blessings in every moment.


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