Friday, 30 January 2009

Sale Ends Sunday

There is a long-running advert on television for a furniture store which always has a sale that ends on a particular day. Sometimes the sale ends Sunday; other times it ends on another day of the week. They never specify which particular Sunday the sale ends; and every single week, it's the same old story.

What I like about this advert is that it demonstrates the nature of timelessness, where every day is the same and emerging from Infinite Light. Light represents boundlessness, freedom and limitlessness. Where there is limitlessness, there is no beginning or end. Every day is filled with blessings. Is it any wonder that furniture sale never ends?

If every day is emerging from boundlessness and filled with blessings, how come people get sick, are unhappy etc?

Because there are fear thought forms abound constantly opposing the reality of infinite blessings.

A while back, the Inner Voice advised me to get into the practice of flooding my body with Light and projecting Light everywhere. This way, I get to dissolve and transmute thoughts and suggestions of fear wherever I am. I have found the quickest way to change the frequency of an environment is to bless it with light. Note that I am not creating Light, which has always existed, I am simply activating the Light by being aware of its presence.

Speaking of which, yesterday evening after walking home (just over 6 miles) I started sniffing and felt like I was coming down with a cold, which got worse during the evening. Before I went to bed, I visualised white light pouring down everywhere like fine rain. I thanked the Light for its eternal presence and asked that the Light cleanse my system and dissolve all disharmonious thought forms, and my nose was unblocked and I felt better.

Every day is a day of Light filled with inexhaustible blessings; that's why the sale in that furniture store never ends.


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