Saturday, 3 January 2009

Social Network

The other day I planned to meet up with a friend but when he couldn't make it I met up with another friend who worked on the same road.

The next day another friend asked me how the meeting went and I told him my friend couldn't make it so I ended up seeing another. He said, "That's good, at least you have a good social network to turn to."

"Actually, I am my own social network," I said. "This way I can always depend on myself to entertain myself. Besides, I love my own company anyway."

Fast forward four days later. While I was working in the library, this guy sat on the computer next to me. He said he was promoting a new restaurant and wondered if I could recommend some social networks on the Internet. I recommended my friend, Google, who had them listed.

Isn't it interesting how I mention social network earlier during the week and I am asked about social networks?

Thoughts are a bit like a social network, one thought connects to other like-thoughts.


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