Friday, 2 January 2009

That was Quick!

Yesterday I thought of a friend. I was in two minds whether to text him and wish him a Happy New Year. I decided to email him but I never got round to it. I figured I would see him sooner or later.

As I was travelling on the bus into town today, who should come on the bus? The same friend. At first he didn't see and went to sit somewhere else. It was only when I beckoned him that he noticed me and came and sat beside me. It was good to be able to wish him Happy New Year in person. I even shared my doughnuts with him.

I believe the thought of doing something is the very thing. In other words, it's all done and dusted. Thus, it's not surprising really that the thought of my friend influenced both of us to travel in the centre of London around the same time in order for that thought to be made real. I believe because I had been in two-minds about getting in touch with my friend that's why when he got on the bus he couldn't see me. I had to decide whether to connect with him or not.

Funnily enough during the journey we discussed the power of focus and how important it is not to have a double-mind or nothing happens.

Thoughts are things.


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