Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Unity Consciousness

I believe Unity Consciousness is living with the awareness that there is only the ONE Self working through the all.

Unity Consciousness goes against the grain of the human programming which tends to have us believe that we are disconnected individuals. Therefore, what you've achieved you've achieved by yourself alone. With Unity Consciousness, I'm always aware that in our hearts, we all want everyone to be happy and we are always working together to help everyone fulfil their dreams. On the human level, however, things don't always look that simple. :-)

I've been using my mother's mobile as she now has a new one. Two days ago, I noticed I could receive text messages but couldn't send any out. I figured it was a network issue that would be sorted out the next day. The next day I still had the same problem. I visualised the problem being dissolved and saw myself sending out unlimited texts. When I tried sending out a text, the error message came up.

On my way home I stopped off at the local supermarket to run an errand. As that supermarket is the network provider for the moobile I'm using, I decided to stop off at their Customers Services desk and ask for their assistance. The manager offered to call their helpdesk on my behalf. With these help desks there are lots of options which you have to press before you get to speak to a human. The manager pressed all the options, and when a human came on she handed me the phone.

The woman on the line said the network was fine and was puzzled why I couldn't send text messages. She got me to check the inbox wasn't full. Then she asked me to take out the SIM card and wipe it, just in case that was the problem. I didn't have a clue how to get the SIM card out of this phone. The manager asked an assistant to open the mobile for me. He took out the SIM card, wiped it and inserted it. It turned out it wasn't a SIM card problem. The customer adviser got me to check a code on the phone. It turned out there were several digits that shouldn't have been there. After deleting those numbers the text message facility worked perfectly.

The above is a demonstration of Unity Consciousness, where the ONE is expressing through many channels to meet the need at the time. In other words, I am always being loved, nourished, supported, and provided for in infinite ways. It's a matter of being open to experience what is already present.

Last night I watched Derren Brown's Evening of Wonder when he did lots of mind-boggling mind-reading; at least it was mind-boggling to those who are not open to Unity Consciousness. At the end of the show, Brown revealed how before the show he'd written down what he expected to happen during the show i.e. the kinds of participants that would come up on stage, and the results. He was spot on! To me, Derren was demonstrating Unity Consciousness in action. All he had to do was put out his intention, believe it's already done and dusted and all the players come out to act out their roles. From the 3 D perspective, however, it seems unreal.

I believe in the Infinite power of the ONE.

All my love and gratitude to the ONE.


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