Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Voice of the All

I believe the nature of the ONE is oneness with the All at all time. By oneness, I mean working together in perfect harmony to achieve a common goal/intention. For instance, the organs in my body may look different but they all share one goal - harmony. If I'm not feeling well, I simply need to remind my whole system - the all in me - of their common goal that is oneness.

Oneness applies in all aspects of my life. The moment I have an intention to have an experience, that goal is known by the all, who set about working together in perfect synchrony to achieve that common goal. Here's one example.
The Nature of the ONE

A friend and I have been working on a writing project via email. In one email, I attached a Word document for my friend to read. Just before I was about to send the email, I heard the Voice within saying "No document attached," but I ignored the Voice. I was so confident I had attached the document I deleted the document from the system. When my friend responded to my email, she said the document had not been attached. I realised I should have listened to that Know It All Voice, which would have saved me redoing the work.

I believe the Voice represents the All that is always working together to achieve a common goal. The Voice speaks about all sorts of matters, from the practical every day to day stuff to giving me insights. The Voice doesn't just speak to me when I'm awake, It also speaks to me when I'm dreaming in my sleep. There have been times when the Voice has been speaking to me in a sleeping dream and has continued the conversation when I've woken up from sleep.

Years ago when I was temping, the Voice used to guide me through my daily tasks. In one of my temp jobs as an office manager, I was expecting some paper to be delivered. When I checked the cupboard there wasn't any. Just as I was about to call the Stationery department, the Voice within said, "Have you checked the other cupboard?" When I did check I found boxes of paper.

So yesterday I arranged to meet up with a friend for a drink. I figured I would do some research in the local library before I set off. While I was looking through their books under "Religion" I came across a book I haven't been able to find in any of the bookshops I've been to though, of course, I could have ordered it if I was that desperate. Funny how it's been in this library all along. So I spent a couple of hours going through it.

While I was reading, I had it in mind that I needed to leave at a particular time to meet my friend. Even though I seem to have a lot of time, the Voice within told me that if I wanted to be on time I should leave at that moment. I returned the book to the shelf, used the toilet and set off. When I arrived at the bus stop where I was meant to catch my bus, it was closed. This meant I had to walk further down. As I walked I looked back to check if the bus was approaching then I had a knowing that was impossible. Why? Because the Voice of the All is very much aware of my purpose and was organising it so that the bus will not arrive till I got to the next bus stop. That's exactly what happened. When I arrived at the pub at the exact time I had arranged to meet my friend, he wasn't there. Just as I was about to text him and ask him where he was, he walked in. He said he'd met a friend on the way whom he stopped to chat to. Just shows how in perfect synchrony we were.

I believe in the Voice within.


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