Sunday, 4 January 2009

When One is Blessed, All is Blessed

In the article, Changing Frequencies, I shared how after I was feeling unwell I was uplifted by a song and felt better. Here's a comment I received from someone after reading my article, Changing Frequencies.

"Enocia you just changed my frequency, have been feeling really out of balance all day, quite heavy and low mood-then I read your post and kept looking at you photo and I could feel myself aligning, balanced and remembering my desires!

"Thanks sweet you're a blessing."
While I appreciate my friend's gratitude, I don't take all the credit. There are many players involved in producing the article and the photograph.

There's my music producer friend who I discussed frequencies with and how to tweak them. It was the same friend who had taken the photograph the reader had found uplifting.

There's the U2 song that helped me get uplifted.

There are the blog providers for providing the space to share my ideas.

There's the Internet for connecting people.

There's my family for all their love and support.

Come to think of it, the entire universe deserves the credit.

All my love to the ONE in all for your infinite blessings.

I am infinitely blessed in every moment.


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