Wednesday, 7 January 2009

You Heard Me Then?

While I was working in the library, the user beside me was talking to a guy from IT Support about a problem he was having with his USB stick. While they were chatting about the memory on the USB they reminded me that I had an IT question. I asked the IT guy how I can tell how much memory I have on my USB as it's not indicated. He looked at it and said his USB is similar to mine. He said I could use the computer to find out.

When the IT guy left I decided to check out the memory but I wasn't sure how to. I asked the library user beside me and he said he didn't know. He said I should have asked the IT expert to explain the procedure.

The next day when I went to use the library, the same IT guy was working on one of the computers. I reckon he'd heard my cry for help and turned up to assist me, albeit pretending to be working on the computer. I asked him how to check the memory and he showed me how to.

I love how a plan comes together effortlessly.


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