Friday, 6 February 2009

All Alone or All One?

Over the years I have observed that there are two dominant paradigms that people espouse to, which I have been exploring: the “All Alone” and “All One” paradigms. A paradigm is a model, filter or belief system that I am using to navigate the world and experience life.

When I experience life from the “All Alone” paradigm, I feel like everything and everyone are separate from me. For me to succeed, I either have to be in control or compete against what I perceive as separate entities. Because I feel as if I’m going it all alone, life is experienced as a hard slog, fearful and dangerous. I am constantly trying to protect myself from the "enemy."

I have written elsewhere that 18 years ago when we had lots of snow in London, and my model of reality was “All Alone”, I had a hard time dealing with snow which I experienced as dangerous. I was very miserable and hated walking in it.

Over the years I’ve been opening myself up to the “All One” paradigm, which is about realising that there is only ONE Intelligence, Love and Power appearing as and working through the All. Someone experiencing life through this model knows all tasks are carried out by the ONE in all; and the All are always working together as one.

Because the “All One” paradigm has now become second-nature to me, I wasn’t bothered when a few days ago London was brought to a standstill after we experienced a similar amount of snowfall as 18 years ago. While I still don’t like snow, I was able to see the ONE in action. I had no problem walking on the icy pavements because of my strong conviction that I was doing everything with the power of the All. In other words, why should I be afraid of slipping when I know every step I take is being taken by the entire universe?

Just because I choose to experience life with the “All One” paradigm doesn’t mean the ONE makes all my decisions for me. I believe the whole idea about experiencing life is being given the freedom to choose and develop my preferences. At every moment I have a choice whether to experience life from the paradigms of the “All Alone” or “All One.” I can choose to ask for help from the All to help me make the “right” decision or I can choose to go it alone. Depending on my model of reality, I either experience life as a hard slog and fearful; or as effortless and harmonious.

Incidentally, while I was working on this article in the library, I got chatting to the librarian, who happens to know the area I live in very well. She said the canal is very pretty. She asked me if I have walked down it and I said I have. She said she has thought about it but feels scared walking on her own. I told her I have no fear of walking down the canal on my own as I believe I’m never on my own. This is one example of what happens when life is experienced through the two paradigms: one lives in fear and the other in bliss.

Given a choice between the “All Alone” and the “All One” paradigms, I know which I prefer.

I can achieve all things through the infinite power of the ONE.


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