Thursday, 26 February 2009

Be Careful What Thoughts You Pick Up

I woke up this morning feeling tremendous sadness. I knew it wasn't my sadness but I was picking up on thoughts of sadness all around me which was being felt as sadness. I thought to myself "Happiness is all there is. I am blessed with infinite happiness" which dissolved the sadness in me.

Later when I popped into a supermarket, I noticed all the newspapers had the same major headline about a politician's son who had died. No wonder I'd been picking up on all those thoughts. Imagine how many millions of newspapers are being circulated with the same information. God bless the politician and his family.

Speaking of picking up on thoughts, a friend tells me she emailed me a prayer request recently for healing but she didn't receive a response from me. While I never received her email, I did receive her thoughts of sickness because at one point I felt really ill as if I was coming up with the flu. Fortunately, I was able to reverse the feeling by remembering who I am as radiant health.

I am open to give and receive only thoughts of love.


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