Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Beauty Secrets - Revisited

Everyday we are bombarded with adverts directed mostly at women about how to look young and beautiful. In order to achieve this dream we need to eat certain foods, use certain products, dress in particular ways, and we will look forever young and beautiful.

Like a lot of people I also want to look young and beautiful but I believe there is a much simpler way to achieve this.

Before I left home this morning, I went into my mother's bedroom to ask her if she wanted me to run an errand for her. She was still fast asleep. Just as I was going to wake her up she smiled. Her face was beaming with such love and radiance and she looked beautiful. I woke her up and told her she'd been beaming. She said she'd been dreaming of a baby.

"You and your babies!" I teased her. My mother always seems to go weak at the knees whenever she sees babies.

I believe my mother's experience demonstrates the simplest way to look young and beautiful. All I have to do is focus on or dream/think of beautiful things (i.e. what I consider to be beautiful) and on what I love, and I look beautiful and radiant.

Later as I walked to the bus stop, I thanked the Infinite Light in me for all the beauty being expressed everywhere. I was so grateful to have the canal to walk down, which I love. I love walking through the local park, which is currently being given a facelift. The builders are ever so friendly. I thanked the Light in me for the wonderful public transport we have in London and the lovely people to share my journeys with. On the bus, a woman sat in front of me. She had an unusual necklace that looked like crystals. I told her how much I loved them and asked if I could feel them. They were not real crystals but they were beautiful.

Suddenly the bus was transformed into a catwalk for people to show off their lovely coats and beautiful outfits. At one stop, two women got on. One had a black coat with a cute black and white scarf that reminded me of a Dalmatian's coat. The younger woman beside her was carrying a black umbrella with black and white around the edges that looked identical to the other woman's scarf. I wondered if the two women were friends or related. It turned out they didn't know each other and sat in different places. I wondered if they'd even noticed the similarities.

When I am focus on beautiful things and things that I love, they are reflected in body and affairs.

As within, so without.


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