Monday, 2 February 2009

Love Melts Grievances and Grudges

I woke up to several inches of snow this morning. As I was walking through the park to catch my bus, a girl informed me that there was no school and no public transport. She and her friends seemed very pleased to be having the day off school.

I decided to walk to the local Internet cafe. On the way, I saw a bus driver and he confirmed there were no buses. When I arrived at the Internet shop, it was closed. As I was walking back I came across this man at the bus stop and he told me there were no buses. He said he was very surprised the snow had brought everything to a standstill. Years ago, when we used to have a lot of snow, buses and trains still ran. Now they can't cope with snow.

The man and I decided to walk together. He told me about how his local Council was going to evict him from his flat at the end of this month for not paying his rent. He said he hasn't had hot water and heating for years. I asked him how he coped and he said he slept in jumpers and used his gas cooker as heating. He said as the Council has refused to sort out his heating problems he's refusing to pay rent. He said he's even taken the Council to court and the situation has still not been resolved.. He talked about a lot of grievances he had and how there was so much hatred in the world which he was fighting against. He got so excited that he couldn't hear me speaking to him so I just listened. Before we parted company I told him I'll keep him in my prayers and he thanked me for listening.

Love is melting all grudges and grievances for all time.


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