Monday, 23 February 2009

Things are Getting Better and Better

"Every day in every way I am getting better and better." Emile Coué
A while back I started walking from the city home which takes about two hours. I like to meander through various streets and explore parks I come across. I soon noticed building works in one park I walk through which was being given a facelift.

Not far from the same park is a junction that can get quite busy. Last week they put a Zebra Crossing which makes it easy for me to cross.

There's another local park I discovered a few months ago that I use as a shortcut. Within a few weeks of using it I noticed these lorries around making it rather muddy. I asked one of the builders what was going on, and he said they were giving it a facelift.

Since I've been using buses, the bus services have improved in leaps and bounds.

I love walking on canals. I heard a while back that they have now appointed a warden to slow down speeding cyclists on the canal.

It just shows what the power of love can do. All I have to do is simply enjoy doing what I'm doing and what I love doing expands and gets better and better.

Thank you, Love.


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