Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Battle of the Believers

In a previous article called Don't Think of a Pink Elephant, I wrote about the atheist advertising campaign that was launched on the side of buses all over the UK declaring that there is no God.

I've noticed the latest advertising campaign on buses by the Christian Party reads: "There definitely is a God."

Looks like the current state of play is now Deuce.

I'm curious about what the next campaign is going to be about. I can just see it now: "Bullshit! There is no God, I tell you!"

Then again, I doubt if advertisers would use the BS word on their campaign. I remember when the word "bloody" was used in one TV advert, lots of people complained. It would seem that viewers don't mind advertisers fabricating the truth about a product as long as they don't swear while they're promoting the product.

In the meantime, while people are busy arguing for or against God's existence, God is constantly being magnified.

Game, set and match, God!


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