Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Being Infinite Mind

24: And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. Isaiah 65

Though I appear as a woman with a certain height, weight, skin colour, interests and personality, I don't identity myself as a person but as Infinite Mind.

Infinite Mind is like a computer game which anticipates one's every move. The reason why the computer can anticipate every move is because all possibilities have already been programmed into it. In other words, all realities and possibilities exist in Mind. Since I identify myself as Mind, then all possibilities exist in me.

The other day during my bus journey, the bus was diverted because of weekend road works.

My mother sometimes travels to church by bus. Even though her bus route isn't the same as the bus I had been on, I was inspired to tell her about the diversion. Mum said she didn't think she would be affected as her bus travels on a completely different route.

The next day when my mother returned from church, she told me her bus had also been diverted. Just as well, she had left early anyway.

Now it made sense why I had been inspired to warn my mother even though it hadn't made any logical sense at the time. Mind already knew this would happen.

In our neighbourhood there is only one little corner shop that we all go to. The shop is useful for small items or things you've run out of. When people want to do their grocery shopping they have to drive, catch the local bus, or walk for about 20 minutes to the local supermarket and shops.

Two days ago while I was exploring another part of the neighbourhood, I noticed a shop that is a lot bigger than our local shop and stocks more vegetables. I made a mental note of it.

This morning my mother asked me to get some items from our corner shop. They had run out of onions. Mum was upset that they didn't have any as she intended to cook with them. It was then I remembered the other shop I had seen during my walk. I decided to surprise her by taking a walk to that shop and buy her onions from there.

I am Infinite Mind.


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