Monday, 9 March 2009

Doing It My Way

I believe the universe is composed of infinite programmes that have been written in order for us to have the equivalent life experiences. When I put out an intention to have an experience, the relevant programme is activated, which gives rise to the equivalent thought forms needed to have the experience.

For instance, my interest in becoming a writer activated the writers' programme which inspired me to love reading and writing, attend writing classes, learn how to touch-type, stay alert for stories, etc.

The problem with programmes is that they come with lots of conflicting thought-forms that humans have dreamed up based on their own expectations and beliefs. I find the trick is to choose what works and then rewrite, overwrite, or erase thought forms that are not useful. I used to suffer from writers' block until I realised my identity as the Infinite Self which erased that belief. Now I see inspiration everywhere.

I'm reminded of an email exchange I had two days ago with a friend about the importance of being true to the Self. My friend wrote:

"I have a center that I must abide in. It is for me the Truth Center of what I am being, but I still have a personality that is grossly off center so much that it has attacked my health. I am finding that my physical condition is predicated on my mental and spiritual awareness."
My response was:

"I know exactly what you mean, [name]. I still have a personality which I have been training to be under the command of my I AM Presence. I find it's rather like training a puppy. Sometimes the puppy rebels but I still persist by loving her and never beat myself up as that is animal cruelty." :-)
Training the puppy is experiencing the "Truth Center" in every moment.

As a woman, I have activated the woman programme which comes with lots of baggage including having periods. Although I am not crazy about that experience, it comes in handy knowing where I am in my cycle, just in case. As part of the programme comes the belief in painful periods. Someone obviously benefits from this belief - Pharmaceutical companies who encourage women to spend billions on pain killers.

During my bus journey this morning I had a twinge of period pain which developed into a cramp that kept getting worse and worse. Time to overwrite that thought form with another. I thought to myself: "I am Love-Light. As Love-Light I am feeling good in every moment." I kept thinking "I feel good" over and over again until the thoughts of feeling good came to life and dissolved the pain. Now I am enjoying having a period my way. In other words, the puppy is being trained to obey Love's commands in every moment.

It's fun to experience different programmes as long as I get to experience them My way.


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