Friday, 6 March 2009

Fully Understood

A friend showed me some photographs of himself while he was at university. He looked so young and full of promise. When I told my friend that I prefer him as he is now, twenty five years later, he wanted to know what I meant. I told him in essence who he is now is still the same as he was at university. However, I see the younger self as the dreamer and full of hope and the self now as full.

After our meeting, I popped into the local library. I picked up a book on the shelf to browse called: Working With Your Guardian Angel. While I was flicking through the pages I was drawn to a quote the writer had used:

"Trying to remember myself as a child, I see something like an outline drawing of the adult that I am now - fundamentally the same person but nothing filled in." ~~ Dame Margot Fonteyn

I emailed the quote to my friend telling him that it expresses perfectly what I meant when I had described him as "full."


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