Saturday, 14 March 2009

Good on Paper, But...

I like watching property programmes on television where people decide they want to be relocated and estate agents help them find their ideal house that matches their price range and their expectations.

In last night's programme on television, a couple with three kids were trying to decide whether to move to a bigger property in the UK or to move to America where the husband had already secured himself a very good job. It is actually the husband's dream to live in Florida.

Although the first property the couple saw in the UK seemed OK and matched their requirements, they weren’t' excited about it. The second one offered something a lot more, it made them feel good; they could even see themselves living in that house. After viewing the third property, the couple discussed their choices with their kids and asked which one they preferred. The kids liked the second property.

Next, the couple took a trip to Florida to view three properties in ideal locations with good schools. In comparison to the properties in the UK, the houses they saw offered a lot more value for money in terms of space, location and even swimming pools, which majority of properties in the UK don't have, unless you're a millionaire. Although the couple really liked the second one the best, they had to decide whether it was worth moving the kids from their friends and loved ones to start a new life in Florida. After further discussions with their kids, they decided it was best for them to stay in the UK and go for the property they had all liked.

I always find it fascinating to observe how people decide what property is right for them. A property might look good on paper in terms of appearance, price, space, location, but there's got to be that added extra that clinches the deal - feeling good. The property has to either make you feel good or make you want to live there. Without that feeling, it's just one of millions of nice buildings.

Where does that good feeling come from? The heart. The heart is who I really am. It is the heart that is seeking to express what She loves and attracts what resonates. I believe that good feeling is a signal that the heart is sending to confirm that I am on the right track.

The same is true about relationships. Just because we are all innately Love doesn't mean all guys are compatible. I have met lots of guys who seem good on paper i.e. nice guys, share similar interests and core beliefs, but it hasn't felt right. As I have every intention of pursuing an intimate/special relationship, it's important for me to listen to what my heart tells me as She not only knows what's best, She always sees the bigger picture. I trust in my heart to attract someone who resonates at the heart level, that I fancy, and enjoy being with. And where the heart is, there is infinite magic.

As far as I'm concerned, when the heart is left out of any deal, it's no deal at all.


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