Friday, 13 March 2009

My Cup Runs Over

A friend was telling me what he likes about me. Apart from my superior intellect, fantastic wit, and that I'm a real babe (obviously), another reason why he finds me so enchanting is because my glass is always full. He said I always see the bright side of situations.

Actually, I see my glass as constantly overflowing with Joy that I share with the entire universe.

I believe, in essence, we are all overflowing with Joy.

Speaking of which, as I was chatting to the same friend I could see light streaming out of his body and even his shoes. It was wonderful to see the different colours pouring out of him. I was seeing my friend as who he really is as Light that is constantly radiating to the universe. I wished he could see what I was seeing.

It is because I am Light that's why my cup runs over.


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