Monday, 2 March 2009

Silent Treatment

When someone is not speaking to you or avoids communicating with you it is usually seen as giving someone the silent treatment.

People tend to give people silent treatments for various reasons: resentment, hostility, anger or they may just want to be left alone for whatever reason that's personal to them. I believe "silent treatment" in this sense is a misnomer because while someone might be giving you the silent treatment, his thoughts could still very much be active. A resentful person giving someone the silent treatment, for example, may very well be having hateful thoughts about another. Just as well thoughts only have as much power as I believe they have.

There is another way of giving silent treatment, where I am experiencing my natural state of being from inner silence. Where there are no thoughts, there are no judgments; there is simply Awareness that has no beginning or end; the ONE Light wearing the infinite masks. I experience Awareness as an inner sound that is endless bliss, joy, peace, happiness, power, freedom, goodness, wisdom, inspiration, wonder etc.

I believe the whole purpose of the spiritual path is to learn how to live from silence. When I need to experience life, Silence transmutes itself into the appropriate thoughts, feelings or experiences. It is from inner silence that man realises his nature as the wonder where things happen magically.

I believe when I am experiencing life from silence, I get to experience the real purpose of my five senses - to receive and transmit unlimited love in every moment. Thus, when I'm looking at someone, I end up receiving all their good intentions and love.

For example, as I was watching the Reality TV Show Dancing on Ice from silence, I could appreciate how each dancer was doing the best they can. Next, I went beyond the personality trying to do the best s/he can to the ONE Love/Presence in all that is wearing the many masks. Now that I was experiencing infinite love, I could enjoy Love's expression through each instrument while being totally detached from the final outcome.

The moment I experience life from the thinking mode, I find I'm always trying to figure out how thing should work out or trying to force a solution to a problem. In other words, "taking thought" creates a kind of static/interference that appears to block the wonder of being and life becomes a chore.

I believe giving silent treatment as Being is very good for the soul. I intend to give everyone the silent treatment indefinitely.


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