Friday, 6 March 2009

What is Competition?

Last night I watched the finals of The Krypton Factor on television, a gameshow that tests contestants' mental agility, observation skills, intelligence, physical ability, and general knowledge.

On the assault course, which tests their physical ability, contestants usually compete in pairs, but in the finals they had to run the course on their own. This meant each contestant didn't have a partner to compete against or help push him; he had to rely on his self-belief to get him to the finishing line. It was only at the end that each contestant discovered how well or badly he'd performed. I noticed the contestant who came first was not as fast he'd been when he had a competitor beside him.

So competition is not what it seems. If there were were no others to push or challenge us as "competititors", would we be motivated to want to be more, I wonder? Would athletes keep pushing themselves if they didn't have their running mates to challenge them?

In my own personal life experience, competition has come as: life challenges, obstacles that I had unwittingly set up for myself, and people.

My mother has been my greatest sparring partner. When circumstances brought us together I had to use the opportunity to learn more about myself. Thanks to my mother, I can now be in peace no matter what the circumstances.

I believe since there is only One Self wearing the many masks, then that which is appearing as the competitors, obstacles and challenges are no other than the One acting out those experiences.

My competitor is my ally.
The competition is no other than an aspect of Self.

With competition every One's a winner.


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